China Insider: CCP to Implement Pro-CCP Brainwashing Education to HK Students Starting in Kindergarten

June 8, 2020 Updated: June 9, 2020

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The CCP plans to launch “National Security Promotion Education” in Hong Kong as part of the security law, the goal is to brainwash students starting at kindergarten age to have a pro-CCP stance. Teachers from the mainland who are CCP members are sent to Hong Kong to infiltrate and monitor Hong Kong’s education system.

00:34 CCP Imposes Brainwashing Education for Hong Kong Students

05:58 President of Taiwan Shows Support for Hong Kong in Popular Bookstore

08:02 Swedish Politician Opposes CCP’s National Security Law on Hong Kong

10:17 Hong Kong People With UK Passports Allowed to Live, Study, and Work in UK

12:29 Widespread Business Closures in China’s Northeast

15:57 The Chinese Regime Might Be Preparing for War, Watch Full Video:

21:04 Sign the Petition:

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