Children Receive Chemical Burns at Ind. Water Park: Officials

June 25, 2017 Updated: June 25, 2017

Children were reportedly burned a northwestern Indiana water park–with officials updating the injury count.

Porter County Health Department Administrator Keith Letta told CBS News said that the total number of children who were injured is now 44. He said that 11 children are getting treatment for burns they got at Seven Parks Waterpark Duneland in Porter, Ind.

“She played in there for awhile, and we started hearing other kids crying and saying that parts of their bodies hurt and there was a mom in the bathroom saying her kid’s skin was on fire, so I pulled my daughter out of the water and she started screaming,” parent Stacy Bethel told CBS.

The department ordered the park closed on Monday—just four days after it opened. Apparently, the park’s equipment malfunctioned, leading to an over-abundance of chlorine in the water.

“It’s sickening to me to know that they would do something like that and risk the safety of the children,” Carey Howard said. “It’s their responsibility to make sure that those levels are OK and they clearly did not do that.

Seven Peaks reportedly didn’t have an inspection or its water tested before it opened, which are both required under Indiana state law.