Child Stuck With Dirty Needle in Bathroom in West Virginia McDonald’s

January 24, 2018 Updated: January 24, 2018

A child in West Virginia pricked herself with a dirty syringe in a McDonald’s bathroom, police said.

The 5-year-old girl picked up the uncapped syringe near a trash can in the women’s bathroom in a McDonald’s in Charleston.

The girl was with her mother at the time, police told WAVE.

Police told the broadcaster that finding needles in places such as McDonald’s is increasingly common amidst the nationwide opioid epidemic.

However, the incident still made waves.

“This is the first instance that I’m aware that we have a small child stuck in the city. And with the amount of needles coming out into the city, we’re fortunate enough this is our only incident,” said Lt. Tony Hazelett with Charleston Police, reported WAVE.

NBC reported that there was blood on the tip of the needle. News, Weather & Sports
Investigators weren’t sure initially whether the blood was from the child, or the person who originally used the needle.

The child’s mother alerted management at the location and rushed her girl to the hospital.

Anyone who finds a needle in the city is encouraged to call the non-emergency 911 number, 304-348-8111.

As of three months ago, all police cruisers in the city were equipped with containers to dispose of used needles in.



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