Chief of the 610 Office Quits the CCP

July 10, 2008 Updated: July 10, 2008

TORONTO—Over 39 million people have submitted statements to service centers for quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These statements express their conviction to withdraw from the CCP or its affiliated organizations. With each new submittal, there is always an accompanying story behind it. The heroes behind these stories are the devoted volunteers of the service centers for quitting the CCP across the globe.

The volunteers for the Toronto Service Center for Quitting the CCP have been going into the Chinese community or going to tourist attraction sites to assist people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. In addition, they have also been making phone calls to China to clarify the truth to the Chinese people. Out of their compassion, volunteers for the service center have been advising people who have been poisoned by the CCP culture to break away from the CCP's control, and proactively choose a beautiful future. One such volunteer is Ms. Huang. She related the following experience:

In the beginning, I was constantly derided when I called China, and sometimes people used nasty and mean words to curse me. After making many phone calls, my compassionate nature emerged to save people, and as a result, those who answered the phone were able to quietly hear me out. A few days ago, I got the home phone number for a chief of the 610 Office from the Internet. I phoned the number at night, while people were watching TV.

A family of three were by the phone, and could hear me speak. I told them about a giant stone in Guizhou Province, formed 27 million years ago, with six characters that read, “The Chinese Communist Party Perishes”. Many of the CCP's high ranking officials, including Jiang Zeming and Zeng Qinghong (the head of the Ministry of State Security) have visited the site, and they all are well aware of the fact that the CCP's days are numbered.

I told them that nowadays the CCP's high-ranking officials have been sending their children abroad, and this is referred to as the “back exit strategy”. This will provide them a way out, if anything happens to the CCP in the future. So what should they themselves do as ordinary civilians? Shouldn't they break away from the CCP as soon as possible?

The mother of the chief of the 610 Office spoke up first, saying, “I want a way out. I'll quit.” Her son, however, said, “Mom, be quiet.” The mother still persisted over the phone, “Quit the CCP's Youth League for me. You help me quit the CCP's Youth League.” I gave her a name as an alias, helping her to withdraw from the CCP's Youth League.

I continued to tell them that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people, and that they should already be aware of this. Those who have worked for the 610 Office and have committed bad deeds will receive karmic retribution. I told them about Ren Changxia, the head of the police department in Dengfeng City, Henan Province. He had actively persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, and was killed in a car accident. I told them that it is indeed true that the bad things you do will endanger your offspring. Persecuting Falun Gong practitioners is not good for the future of your family, including your children.

Little did I know that what I had said would touch a painful part of their hearts. The chief's wife said, “You are so right. My two children have died. One died at the age of six, and the other at five. I'm now six months pregnant, and I don't know if I can keep this baby or not. Help me withdraw from the CCP's Youth League.”

I could sense her pain. I gave her another alias, and helped her to quit the Youth League. I then asked her, “Is the man in charge of the 610 Office your husband?” She replied, “Yes.” I said, “It won't do if he doesn't quit. He has committed a lot of bad deeds, and that's why your two children have died. He also needs to promise that he will never persecute Falun Gong practitioners from now on. Otherwise, he won't be blessed.” I also gave them another two examples of people whose offspring received karmic retribution, because they themselves had persecuted Falun Gong practitioners.

Then I heard the sound of a slap to a face, then a man said self-deprecatingly, “I'm really not a human at all. This means that I have killed my own children.” The man had slapped his own face in anguish. I asked him, “Do you want to quit or not?” He remained silent. His wife then told me that he was nodding his head. I said to him, “If you nodded, you have agreed to quit. You have done so many bad things to Falun Gong practitioners, yet we are still willing to save you. We do not have hatred. We just want to save people. How good do you think Falun Dafa is?!”

Then I heard someone shout,”Falun Dafa is good!” over the phone. It was the chief of the 610 Office who had shouted. I added, “So you swear that you will not persecute Falun Gong practitioners again?” He replied, “I swear!” I said, “Gods are watching what you say and what you do. I hope you all have a beautiful future.” I then hung up the phone.