Chicago Shooting: Why Fathers Day?

By Phoebe Ryles, Epoch Times
June 18, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Closing out a violent weekend in Chicago, at least one shooter was fueled by Father’s Day rage.

Xavier Guzman, 25, is accused of shooting a man in the Douglas Park neighborhood of Chicago, June 17.

Guzman told police that “someone had to pay” after he was not allowed to see his child on Father’s Day, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The victim, a 21 year old man, was shot in the forearm, and is currently in fair condition.

Father’s Day weekend saw 48 shootings in Chicago, eight of which resulted in the death of the victim.

Authorities have said this is an improvement over last year, when eight more people were shot the same weekend.

Homicides are down in Chicago compared to the extremely violent 1990s.  

However, they have been on the rise again since 2010 according to the Red Line Project, which tracks violent crime in Chicago’s different neighborhoods.

Nationwide gun homicide is down 49 percent since it’s peak in 1993, according to the Pew Research center.  

But people don’t feel safer.

A Pew survey showed that 59 percent of Americans think that gun violence is getting worse.