Chicago: Kohl’s Shooting in Romeoville Near Black Friday

November 29, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

There were reports of a shooting at a Kohl’s in Romeoville, Ill., on Thursday night during the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

The Chicago Sun-Times said that reports on Twitter and Facebook indicate there was gunshots outside a Kohl’s.

One man was charged with attempted murder after a police officer was dragged by a car as while other shoplifting suspects tried to flee, reported The Associated Press.

Robert Russell, a passenger, of Joliet, was charged with attempted murder. The driver of the car was hospitalized and wasn’t charged yet.

A patrol officer approached the store on Thursday night and a suspect ran out the door and jumped into the car’s passenger seat. He then allegedly closed the door on the officer’s arm and drove off.

The driver of the vehicle was shot by another officer in the left arm.

The passenger of the vehicle “closed the car door on the officer’s arm, not allowing the officer to disengage from the vehicle,” police said in a statement obtained by the Chicago Tribue. “The driver then drove away, dragging the officer with the vehicle.

It added: “A second responding officer verbally ordered the driver multiple times to stop the vehicle as it continued in the parking lot, dragging the officer. After repeated orders to stop, the officer fire three to four shots at the driver.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, several people were injured, but none were life-threatening. An unmarked police car was spotted near a crime scene, which included a black Pontiac with bullet holes in it.

The paper said that an officer was injured but was not shot. He walked into an ambulance without help, witnesses told the paper.

The officer who was dragged was released from medical care as of Friday, AP reported.

“@PeterNickeas shots fired in Romeoville during black Friday shopping at kohls lot as thieves tried to run,” wrote one user on Twitter

Another wrote: “@Walldo I drove past while police were pulling up. There’s definitely a lot of police and ambulances there. Or at least was an hour ago.”


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