Friday Favorites: Bringing Chicago City Style to Your Apartment

June 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
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Chicago-inspired décor is perfect for an urban loft.

Chicago is more than just “The best place to get pizza.” Rich in history and steeped in culture, Chicago has plenty to offer.

As the third most populous city in the United States, it’s no secret that there’s plenty happening there. Chicago is an international hub, with one of the busiest airports in the world. It also has the largest number of US highways and railroad freight entering its region. Its rich culture includes visual arts, theater, and music; especially jazz, blues, and soul.

Chicago is also known for the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which took out a main portion of the town. But Chicago wouldn’t be held down, and in the process of rebuilding constructed what is often considered to be the world’s first skyscraper.

Chicago can be a great place to find inspiration for a modern apartment or contemporary home. Especially if you’re looking for some contemporary pieces with a relaxed, almost bluesy theme.

When looking to bring some Chicago style into your apartment, look for pieces that are inspired by industrial, yet modern design, with a flair for the artistic.

View: View: Leigh Mirrored Wall Decor
View: View: Leigh Mirrored Wall Decor

Décor: Artistic and Modern

Chicago’s culture is rich in art, so be on the lookout for unique and eye catching pieces. Everything from sculptures to wall art should take precedence in your apartment. Look for modern art, abstract art pieces, or bold statement mirrors. A vintage blues or jazz poster could also pay tribute to the city’s musical heritage.

View: Uttermost Annileise Bookshelf
View: Uttermost Annileise Bookshelf

Style: Open and Industrial When it comes to style, think tall, lofty, and industrial. Brick walls, steel accents, and wrought iron accent features all mirror the city’s industrial roots. You could also look for vertical features like ladder shelves, to add space. Sleek and sophisticated features should also be a part of your Chicago inspired design, but don’t be afraid to incorporate a few rustic details as well. Consider blending factory influences with modern accent pieces to bring your design full circle.

View: Yolanda Bed
View: Yolanda Bed

Colors: Neutral and Strong

Keeping the colors neutral, and accenting with dark tones helps create an industrial feel. Dark wood, steel furnishings, and black accent pieces are great ways to convey a Chicago-inspired look. For a vibrant and whimsical touch, you could offset this color scheme with a vibrant, bold shade –red, purple, or blue are all good choices.

What about you? Have you considered Chicago-inspired décor in your home?

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