Charles Trippy and Alli Trippy: ‘Internet Killed Television’ YouTube Stars Announce Break Up

April 8, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Charles Trippy and Alli Trippy, a married couple who produce the CTFxC YouTube series, have decided to break up.

Charles posted a video announcing the decision, saying that it was mutual and that there was no cheating involved–they just weren’t getting along.

“We love you all & thank u for the support for both of us. I should only expect everyone treating Alli will respect she deserves,” he told his over 441,000 fans via Twitter.

The pair were married in November 2011. 

Charles is currently battling cancer from a brain tumor. Alli told a fan who said “I want @CharlesTrippy and @AlliTrippy to be happy but fight for your marriage! The cancer is a huge strain.” that “It has nothing to do with his health, and I will continue to support him in his fight.”

Both Trippy’s have been fielding feedback from fans throughout the day after the decision was announced. 

Many fans have been supportive.

“I hope the best for you both, you guys will always be my role models. stay strong,” said one. 

“Loss for words. So I just say: The CTFxC is still the CTFxC and will always be here for you,” said another.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that CTFxC would not continue. That line has been taken out as the web series will continue despite the break up.