Change.Org Enrique Peña Nieto: Petition to Get President Off Time Magazine Cover

February 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A petition calling for Mexican President Pena Nieto off of the Time Magazine cover has gotten over 11,000 signatures.

Tijuana resident Jorge Munoz Esqueda started the petition, saying that Nieto “has done nothing to save or help the country as your cover suggests.”

The cover claims that Nieto is “saving Mexico,” and adds that his reforms “have changed the narrative in his narco-stained nation.”

Lots of residents disagree with the characterization, evidenced by photoshopped copies of the cover being circulated on social media websites. One, for instance, changes “saving” to “selling.”

There were even rumors that the president’s office paid Time for the cover, although Time said in an emailed statement that the rumors aren’t true. 

The petition goes on to say: “Nieto’s physical presence continues to dominate magazine covers and plague our cities with his infinite propaganda that costs billions of pesos to generate. The gap between rich and poor is not getting any smaller since the last reform raised taxes but did not raise the minimum salary which is not even applied by some companies. The reforms he is applying have been hurting the citizens economy in such a way that the middle class is in danger of extinction. The reforms are only ‘aiding’ a seldom few, putting businesses out of service and jeopardizing the majorities income and growth. “

The petition is addressed to Nancy Gibbs of Time Magazine, asking her to remove Nieto from the cover–or at least change the title. 

Thousands of citizens have agreed with the petition. One, Bernardo Orozco of Leon Guanajuato, said: “He’s a liar, a bad president and a useless public figure that has done nothing for my country. Time magazine is risking its legitimacy with this cover.”

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