Central Europe Hit By Floods, 14 Dead and Thousands Evacuated

By Loretta Duchamps
Loretta Duchamps
Loretta Duchamps
August 8, 2010 Updated: August 8, 2010

Floods sweeping through Central Europe caused 14 deaths and thousands to be evacuated by helicopter, boat, and bus, leaving behind burst river banks and dams in critical condition, according to AFP.

The heavy flooding struck Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania. In Bogatynia, southwestern Poland, two women drowned when a river burst its banks, and a rescuer who was swept away also died.

A broken dam on the Neisse River, located at the border between Poland and Germany, caused severe flood waves that left areas submerged.

On Saturday, three people drowned in a cellar in southeast Germany. Another three died in the north of Czech Republic, where at least three people are missing, and thousands had to leave the region.

Four died in Lithuania, where a camping tent was smashed by a tree, causing two of the deaths.

The upcoming weather for central Europe is good, with the rain ceasing Sunday.