Cell Phone Microwave Hoax: You Can’t Charge a Cell Phone in a Microwave

December 27, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A cell phone microwave hoax claims that if you throw a cell phone in a microwave with the charging cord plugged into the phone, it will re-charge 15 to 25 times faster than regular charging.

The claim was spread by a popular Tumblr account that also spreads its photos via Facebook, called did-you-know.

The claim is:

Step 1: Plug your cable into the phone

Step 2: Put your iPhone in the center of the oven and coil the cable around it.
Step 3: Set the timer on the oven for 10-20 seconds
Step 4: You now have a charged iPhone!

This works because microwaves use the same principles as wireless charging pads, by rearranging the electrons in your iPhone’s battery, to gather at the negative terminal. Remember to leave your cable plugged in!”

But the link cited, supposedly research from Harvard University, is non-existent.

Below is a video of what happens if you put a cell phone in a microwave.

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