Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014: Contestants, Rumours, Start Date, and More

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Celebrity Big Brother in the UK has a start date of January 3, 2014–and the rumors about who will be in the cast have been flying.

The premiere will be at 9 p.m. on Friday on Channel 5.

A house has been prepared for the contestants, plush with candeliers, golden cherubs, and a wall of designer shoes, in addition to numerous animal skins, reported the Daily Mirror.

No official announcements have indicated who will be among the contestants. But rumours are flying.

Here are some names that have been linked to the show:

-Luisa Zissman, runner-up in the Apprentice

-Ollie Locke of Made in Chelsea fame

-Lee Ryan, singer for the band Blue

-Alan Fletcher, star of the soap opera Neighbours

-Evander Holyfield, former boxer

-Sam Faiers of TOWIE

-Dapper, a rapper

-Katie Price, a model, although she denied the rumours

Channel 5 is not revealing who will be part of the show, saying a blog post about the all-new Diary Room chair:

“It evokes visions of grand, Mesopotamian finery. Everything about this chair screams ‘class’ – which is ideal, because this January’s line-up is pure quality. It really is.

“So who’s going to park their backside on this almost-made-the-British-Museum bum-supporting beauty? Unfortunately we can’t tell you that. Not just yet, anyhow…”

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