Celebrities React to Killing of Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
May 31, 2016 Updated: May 31, 2016

It wouldn’t be public outcry if celebrities weren’t voicing their opinions. 

After Cincinnati zookeepers killed a gorilla after a child fell into the enclosure, people set up memorials for the gorilla, and a number of celebrities protested the killing on social media. 

Others posted tribute to the gorilla on Instagram. 


A photo posted by @normancook on

“normancookRIP #harambe Im sure I will get tons of backlash (per usual) I mean let’s be honest, I wear the wrong sweatpants and the entire world has something to say about it, but once again , another senseless horrendous animal being killed over people not using their brains. If you watch the footage, you see this gorgeous animal holding that child’s hand. Do with that ,what you will. As sad as this makes me, a part of me is happy for that amazing creature doesn’t have to live in captivity another day. Bring on the hate!!!!”