Celebrate International Dark Sky Week 2012 (Video)

April 14, 2012 Updated: September 29, 2015

Video credit: ESO/José Francisco Salgado (josefrancisco.org)

Are stars disappearing before your eyes? Do you struggle to sleep at night because of light pollution?

Come join the star party this week with the International Dark Sky Association from April 14 to 20, when there is little or no moonlight in the sky, and rekindle your connection with the multiverse around us.

Dark Sky Week was initiated by high-school student Jennifer Barlow in 2003 to raise awareness of poor-quality lighting and its effect on our beautiful night sky.

Not only does light pollution stop us from gazing at the stars, it also wastes energy, changes life’s circadian rhythms, and causes other environmental problems, such as confusion in migrating birds and baby turtles.

You can help protect our night-time environment by raising public awareness and fitting quality lighting in your own home to reduce “light trespass” beyond your property.

Those with a digital camera and tripod can photograph their night sky and enter the 2012 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance.

There is also the Dark Skies Photo Project for submitting photos of constellations to measure light pollution, and the GLOBE at Night citizen science program to measure pollution from your own back yard.

Visit http://www.darksky.org/idswfor more information on how you can make a difference

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