Cedric Lee: Vina Morales Did Not File Physical Abuse Complaint Against Ex-Boyfriend

February 6, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Cedric Lee was not the subject of a physical abuse case from singer-actress Vina Morales, members of the Morales team clarified.

Lee and Morales used to go out.

Lee is currently the subject of multiple criminal complaints filed by Vhong Navarro, including illegal detention, for what allegedly happened on January 22 at Deniece Cornejo’s apartment.

Since then, Lee’s personal life, including his history, has been analyzed closely in connection with the case.

But Cabochan Brizuela Tolentino and Radovan Law Offices said on behalf of Morales in a statement that the rumors of physical abuse are baseless.

“For the record, contrary to what has been aired or written, our Firm maintains and so holds that the news tidbits with reference to the infliction of the physical violence at any given time to her person by Mr. Lee is purely fictional, conjectural and speculative,” the statement said. “Reports had it likewise about supposed involvement of PNP (Philippine National Police) officers in the loop regarding the alleged PNP personnel assigned to Mr. Lee. Our position is that should there be any breach of protocols, we believe that the PNP hierarchy would be able to address these concerns as their established systems provide.”

The team said that Morales, and especially her young daughter Ceana, whom she had with Lee, should be spared from the negative publicity that they don’t deserve.

“The Navarro-Lee affair is beyond Miss Morales. Let us endeavor to give her peace,” it said.


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