CdeR and AYFP Enter Women’s National Fours Final

Lawn Bowls—National Fours
February 11, 2015 Updated: February 11, 2015

HONG KONG—Reigning Knock-out Singles holder Angela Chau is on course for the first trophy of the season after leading her Club de Recreio team to the final of the women’s National Fours.

Well decorated Chau is a Hong Kong international and has won every trophy available in the territory, except for the Indoor Singles. She also won the National Fours eight times.

She partnered with the reigning National Pairs champion Tammy Tham and Rita Tsui, as well as 2013 KO Singles runners-up Candy Ng to fight for the glory.

In the quarter-final on Sunday morning, Feb 8, Chau’s team defeated the Hong Kong Cricket Club skipped by Garish Davies easily to proceed to the semi-finals in the afternoon, which was against a Hong Kong Youth team.

The Youth team skipped by Olivia Yu, had the upper hand for a large part of the game and was leading at 17:3 after half of the ends. Then the team suddenly lost concentration in the 10th end and Chau took the opportunity to take out the shot bowl to score a six.

However the Youth team kept fighting and soon opened up the lead to 20:10, with just five ends to go.

Unfortunately for the youngsters, the old habit of losing concentration struck again and they quickly lost eight shots in the following four ends and entered the last end with just two shots advantage.

The lead of the Youth team drew a shot bowl and was holding shot until Chau played her last bowl. She played it with power and not just took out the shot bowl accurately, the jack was moved slightly and she ended up with four shots. Yu tried to draw to cut down, but her bowl hit another bowl in front and lost the game.

Chau is delighted after winning the game and looks forward to the final later this year.

She will play a team from the Association of HK Yunnan Fellow Provincials (AYFP) that includes Ada Lam, Vanessa Lai, Bannie Wong and Joyce Cheung.

The AYFP team performed superbly in the semi-finals against a star-stuffed Hong Kong Football Club team, which comprised of four Hong Kong internationals, Camilla Leung, Vivian Yip, Celena Kwok and Dorothy Yu.

The game was tight but HKFC maintains its narrow edge throughout however, the AYFP demonstrated a “never give up” attitude and gradually grew momentum towards the end of the game. They won six out of the last seven ends and finished the game 15:10.

The final will be played in the first final day of the year, which is scheduled for June 28.

Claudius Lam is an officer of the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association.