CCP's Staged Invitation to Foreign Journalists Upset by Lamas

March 29, 2008 12:00 am Last Updated: March 29, 2008 12:00 am

On March 27, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) received 17 foreign news reporters in Tibet who were invited to cover the news. When they passed the Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, 30 Lamas suddenly shouted loudly remarks intended to tell the reporters what the CCP was doing to them, how the regime was concealing its crackdown on protesters, and that the protests were not instigated by the Dalai Lama.

International Pressure Over Olympics

Contemporary Monthly (Dandai) magazine chief editor Chin Heng-wei and former Shaanxi TV station reporter Ma Xiaoming said in an interview on Thursday that the CCP's invitation to foreign media to Tibet is being closely watched by the international community with the Beijing Olympics approaching.

Chin said that the CCP's invitation to foreign media was in reaction to increasing international pressure to boycott the Olympics. Although this arrangement was risky, he says, under the tremendous pressure, the CCP had no choice but to make this concession.

Chin said, “As the voice of the tearful complaints by Lamas came out, it can only agitate the international society. There is already voice of protest appearing. The outcome of the invitation of media will not work for the CCP.”

“The CCP must have made careful arrangement and took serious precautions in advance. These 30 Lamas suddenly rushed out of nowhere and yelled what truly happened in Tibet. The event did not develop as the CCP's wanted and revealed the extent of seriousness in the persecution and the Tibetans' determination and courage in resisting the CCP's tyranny.”

Former Shaanxi TV station reporter Ma Xiaoming said, “There are brave and clever protesters who used various ways and took all possible opportunities to get their voice out. They were truly violated too severely.”

CCP's Usual Deceit

According to Ma, when the CCP invitated foreign reporters to cover the news, this move itself is an indication of the start of manipulation.

“I have been a reporter for many years and am very familiar with the CCP's techniques of using the media to spread its propaganda and to fool the public. I had accompanied foreign reporters to Xi'an City before, and was strictly warned by a head official not to do this and that. In the process, foreign media had no opportunity to do independent coverage, and they must carry on according to the CCP's arrangements. There was no freedom or independence to speak of. Additionally, the visiting days were fully scheduled, and foreign media had no time for other coverage or to grasp other objectives,” said Ma.

Chin said the CCP is very experienced in deceiving the public. Their techniques of deceit are the result of many years of refinement. The CCP has deceived many foreign media and intellectuals during its most bloody crackdowns, including the Great Cultural Revolution, the June 4th Massacre, and the suppression of Falun Gong. The bloody persecution of Falun Going could not have gotten so vicious and been sustained without their deceit of the public.

“In looking back,” Chin says, “we should ask the international community to make a comparison, compare the current Tibet situation with the previous events, and link all of them together, look at the plight of victims under the CCP's tyranny. This would be another way to support Tibetans and all those who have suffered the CCP's persecution.”

A Test for Foreign Media

Chin said that western media must not be deceived and used as tool of tyranny. Instead, foreign media should use this opportunity to display their freedom and to unearth the truth. “This is an opportunity … the media should stand by their conscience and use their wisdom when listening to the CCP's one-sided stories. All professional media should exercise their insight, cognitive ability, and use the mind, eyes and ears to see through CCP's cunning schemes,” said Chin.

Ma thought this was a test for foreign media reporters. He said media should prominently publish the truth about events in China even when other media refused to do so. “In the long run, only truthful, objective, and fair reports can keep a media going. Only reporters with noble professional morality and devotion can established their credibility and prestige.”