CCP Vírus

November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

Thank you for all the hard work your teams put into making The Epoch Times. I have enjoyed many articles about art, music, and architecture that are truly inspirational. Because of what many of your writers have reported on, I have purchased their books and increased my knowledge of a vast array of subjects.

During the last few months, I have been hearing over and over about the soon-to-arrive “second wave” of a CCP virus infection. Even my local Long Beach, Calif., District 5 elected official publishes a graph showing the daily CCP virus infection rate in Long Beach. But no one is sharing anything else that would put the daily infection rate into perspective. For example, no one is providing any useful information about the current rate of recovery broken down by age groups. No one is providing the current rate of death by age groups.

I hear all this hysteria about the increasing infection rate, but I hear nothing about the current recovery rate or the current death rate. Is anyone dying now due to the CCP virus? If so, how many? For those becoming infected, how long are they sick? Our president was sick for three to four days. His wife was sick for five to six days. His son was sick for one to two days. That is not too long to be sick, I think.

I hear the death rate for influenza is around 0.02 percent per year. I hear the death rate for the CCP virus is around 0.05 percent per year. It is absurd to continue locking down our economy with such nominal percentages. Who is generating all this fear? Why is all this fear being generated?

The American people need to understand that the current rate of recovery and the current death rate to the CCP virus is very much like that of influenza. A concerted effort must be orchestrated to help re-educate people not to fear the CCP virus, but to embrace the strength of their immune system and to simply protect those who are not so strong, like the elderly over age 80 (or whatever the age).

Please, make some effort to dramatize the fact that millions of people have already fully recovered from the CCP virus and their rate of recovery was nominal. The “life-boat cases” of infection have been overly dramatized [and] have instilled unfounded fear in many. So many people are absurdly afraid of catching the CCP virus because they simply do not have enough information to help them understand that this infection is far less frightening than we have been led to believe thus far.

Walland Vrbancic