CCP Virus Resurgence in Wenzhou: Roads Closed and Mandatory Testing

June 11, 2021 Updated: June 11, 2021

On June 10, a family of three in Wenzhou city of the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang was tested positive for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Officials reported a positive nucleic acid test on June 9. Local residents in the nearby town of Wanquan in Pingyang county had to line up overnight for nucleic acid testing, and many communities, villages, and roads were locked down.

The patient surnamed Wang and her husband returned from Italy on May 10. They were quarantined for 21 days in Beijing after entry. All four nucleic acid tests during this period were negative. After the quarantine was lifted on June 1, they took a flight to Wenzhou Longwan Airport and their son drove them back to his residence in Wanquan.

Wang went to Ruian People’s Hospital for treatment on the morning of June 9 due to physical discomfort and tested positive for the virus. Subsequently, residents of Wanquan had to line up overnight for nucleic acid testing, and many communities and villages nearby were locked down.

The officials announced the case on the morning of June 10. In the afternoon of the same day, Wang’s husband and son also tested positive.

Wang Qiang (alias), a resident of Songqiao village in Wanquan, told The Epoch Times: “[No one] can get in. The highways are closed and many villages have been closed. Pingyang County is also closed; two streets here were sealed off, and all the people in contact with this case were taken away.”

Wang Qiang said that the confirmed case had been to Wenbin Hotel and Songqiao Health Center, and his shop is right next to it. He said that the local residents all took nucleic acid tests that night and the queue was hundreds of meters long until two or three o’clock in the morning.

Pan Lin (alias), another villager in Songqiao, said, “At 4 o’clock in the morning [on June 10], we all queued up to do the test. They did not say how many times we should do it. The exact situation was not released.”

Lin said, “Many places have been sealed, no one can get in or out. Songqiao village is also sealed, no one is allowed to leave home.”

Lin said that the patient has been to many places, including Songqiao, “It was feared that it could have impacted our village, so it was closed one by one.”

Zhang Jia, a resident of Wanquan, said that some stores in the town are still open, but they are waiting for official notice. All residents have done nucleic acid tests and are waiting for the results. Several villages close to Songqiao Village have been closed.

Public Questions the ‘Imported Case’

The authorities claimed that the case was imported from overseas. Wang returned to China from Italy and was quarantined for 21 days. During this period, multiple nucleic acid tests were negative. Many netizens on social media questioned the alleged “imported case” and posted their comments:

“How to tell that she had been infected in Italy, rather than contracted the virus after returning home?”

“How could it be in the incubation period, it is clearly contracted on the road. During the quarantine, [there were] at least seven nucleic acid tests and two antibody tests, can’t it be detected?”

“It was surely contracted on the road. There were no symptoms during the quarantine.”

“Just blame everything on overseas.”

“It can be detected even if it’s in the incubation period. How can it be counted as an overseas case?”

According to the latest update from the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission on June 10, there was 1 new confirmed case (imported from Italy) and 3 new cases of asymptomatic infection (including 1 imported from Nigeria, 1 imported from Ukraine, and 1 imported from Hungary). Close contacts have been investigated and quarantined in a centralized manner. As of midnight on June 9, a total of 1,369 confirmed cases (150 imported cases from overseas) had been reported.