CCP Virus Patient Charged 50,000 Yuan for ‘Free’ Treatment

May 11, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020
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Ms. He, a Wuhan resident whose father is severely ill with the CCP virus pneumonia, commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia, recently tried to seek help on the Internet. Although her father is still in the ICU department on a ventilator, his nucleic acid test came out negative for the virus. The hospital told her that based on this negative result, her father’s treatment is no longer free. Her family has been charged 50,000 yuan ($7,060) as a result.

Her father was originally hospitalized in Jinyintan Hospital, an infectious disease hospital and the very first hospital to provide treatment for the CCP viral pneumonia. Chinese authorities publicly announced that there are zero severely ill CCP virus patients in the ICU department of Jinyintan hospital. They’re claiming it’s a sign of victory over the pandemic. However, Ms. He revealed that’s because all the severely ill patients, including her father, were transferred from Jinyintan to another hospital.

The interview was conducted on April 19 by Hong Ning of the Chinese-language Epoch Times. The following script has been edited for clarity.