CCP Vaccinates for CCP Virus Without Completing Clinical Trials

August 25, 2020 Updated: August 25, 2020

On August 18, Chinese state-run media reported that state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group has successfully developed a CCP virus vaccine that is expected to be introduced in the market by the end of December this year and the annual production of the vaccine will be more than 200 million doses. The state-run media also said that in May, the CCP had begun vaccinating more than 2,000 people even before the third phase of clinical trial was complete.

On August 14, a Chinese newspaper, 21st Century Business Herald, quoted a salesperson of a company that many employees at his company have received the vaccine and have all signed the “confidentiality agreement”. The fee for the vaccine, 1,000 yuan ($144.50 USD), was paid by the company.

Former virologist at the U.S. Army Research Institute, Dr. Sean Lin, gave his analysis. He said that usually there are three phases of clinical trials for drugs. Phase One and Two only test the basic safety of the drug and the presence of basic immunogenicity. Whether a particular vaccine is protective enough to withstand the challenge of a live virus will have to be determined in a Phase 3 trial.

In regards to the CCP’s “confidentiality agreement” signed by vaccinationists, Tang Jingyuan indicated that the purpose is to cover up the real situation about this vaccine, including the detailed situation of the vaccination, the toxic side effects, the situation of the antibodies produced in the vaccinationists, and the duration of the antibodies.

Tang Jingyuan, a commentator on current affairs residing in the U.S., said: “The CCP forced them to sign the confidentiality agreement to, in fact, prevent the exposure of scandals if this vaccine did not work. This would be a serious blow to the credibility of CCP’s vaccines. Actually, this vaccine is the only resource to save the CCP from being politically isolated, so the CCP must win in this vaccine case.”

In order to bribe countries that have favorable strategic interests and to improve its global stance, the CCP is using the vaccine as a diplomatic tool. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China promised to give early access and priority of the vaccine to the Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, and Pakistan. These countries will receive more than 100 million doses of the vaccine. It also promised Morocco and Kenya that as soon as the vaccine is put to use, the CCP is willing to take the lead to benefit African countries and support them in the fight against the plague.

Tang Jingyuan pointed out that these countries are, in fact, critical to CCP’s diplomacy and are so important that the CCP must win them over. The real purpose of giving away the vaccine is not to save the lives of the people in those countries, but to bribe these countries so that the CCP can eventually control them. He believes that the CCP’s eagerness for success and its failure to value life may backfire in the end, making the vaccine it developed lose credibility, just like how its exported personal protective equipment and materials lost credibility, and eventually the vaccine diplomacy it once relied on became a failure.