CCP Entices Six-Year Old Children into the Young Pioneers

August 11, 2005 Updated: August 21, 2015

On the night of June 3, the CCP’s media all broadcast the news that the recruiting age for the Young Pioneers had been reduced from seven years old to six. This shows how eager the party is to drag even children into its evil organization. Since the Nine Commentaries has been published, the number of people declaring their withdrawals from the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers is increasing on a daily basis, shocking the CCP and making it fearful. Worried for its future, the CCP’s latest move is another attempt to boost its courage.

The Nine Commentaries has exposed the evil nature and true image of the CCP to the entire world. More and more people have realized the truth and have withdrawn from the evil Party. The number of people both in China and overseas who have published their statements of withdrawal on the Internet is in the order of tens of thousands per day. Such righteous action has attacked the CCP at its core and has dangerously weakened it. It knows it is under threat and is now steeling itself for the final onslaught.

As its end approaches, the evil nature of this group of gangsters, formed from violence and killing, has been even more crazily exhibited. It is now trying to gather other beings in the tomb it has already made for itself. It knows that its old ways of deception are now no longer effective, especially on those adults that now know the truth. So it has turned its attention onto the children.

Over the past 50 years, the evil specter began its systematic brainwashing of children when they started at school. It infuses its party culture step by step and keeps degenerating people’s thoughts. From the day one puts on the bloody cravat, one is polluted by this evil party which damages mankind. The evil party also discriminates against children who are not members of the Young Pioneers by nominating so-called “role models”, using exam scores and limiting enrollment opportunities, merely to entice others into its grasp.

But now things are different. The Nine Commentaries has locked the vital points of the CCP. Its attempts to ensnare the children are simply its own wishful thinking. In the old days, it pretended to create role models and developed a very strict organization in order to deceive people to join. Now it has to use forceful means to get people to join its ranks. Its true nature has been exposed and it is now desperate just to survive. Its days are numbered.