CCP Arrests Bishop Jia Zhiguo for the Sixth Time

July 7, 2005 Updated: July 7, 2005

BEIJING – Press releases from the Cardinal Kung Foundation (Stamford, Connecticut, United States) announced that Bishop Jia Zhiguo, the underground Roman Catholic Bishop of Zhengding, Hebei was arrested again at approximately 3:30 pm (Beijing time) on July 4. The CCP continues to harass the churches' private assemblies and this will be the sixth time that Bishop Jia has been arrested during the past 18 months.

The Cardinal Kung Foundation press releases state that Bishop Jia was arrested by two government officials at his house and driven to an unknown location.

The press releases further state, "The government officials telephoned Bishop Jia in advance, notifying him that he was being picked up, and ordered the bishop to tell the people that he was being taken away by government officials to visit a medical doctor."

The releases also stated that, "Bishop Jia is not sick at present and there is no need for him to visit a physician."

The Police Department refused to comment on the news. The journalist has not yet checked with the Religious Belief Administration Department in Zhengding district.

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