CBC Smears Epoch Times Fearless Reporting on China

May 14, 2020 Updated: May 14, 2020


The CBC recently ran a hit piece attacking The Epoch Times for its honest and hard-hitting reporting on China. It was surprising to say the least to witness how Canada’s national broadcaster violated its own journalistic standards while parroting Chinese communist propaganda.

Upon reading it I thought of my grandfather, a paratrooper in the Second World War, parachuting out of planes behind enemy lines to fight for the freedoms we cherish. I wondered how the brave men and women of his generation would look at the CBC’s shabby attempt to smear another news outlet that reports on the true nature of the tyrannical regime in Beijing.

The CBC’s smear attempt, aired across its television, radio, and digital platforms, was triggered by the delivery to various areas of an Epoch Times special edition titled “How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World.” The eight-page report exposed the coverup by the Chinese Communist Party in the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan which allowed the virus to spread, resulting in this pandemic that has had such a devastating impact around the world.

It was a David and Goliath moment: the state broadcaster, with its $1.2 billion in funding, versus a small team of journalists and contributors specialized in exposing communism.

The CBC article conflated criticism of the Chinese Communist Party with criticism of the Chinese people, and labelled our reporting “racist and inflammatory.” Two Canadians quoted in the article appeared to have made a snap judgment about the contents of the special report without having carefully read it. The CBC failed to provide any evidence from the special report to back up these serious and damaging allegations.

Credibility is any news outlet’s greatest asset. We have been working hard to build trust with our readers by delivering quality information for more than 15 years. So why would the CBC label The Epoch Times racist, xenophobic, and conspiracy theorists for accurately pointing to the Chinese Communist Party’s mishandling of the pandemic?

We’ve seen some governments, like those in Italy and Iran, relying heavily on the advice coming out of China, which led to a delayed response in restricting travel. In contrast, countries that didn’t trust the information coming from Beijing, like Taiwan, reacted much more cautiously, screening travellers and restricting travel from Wuhan. As a result, Taiwan has done a superior job of managing the virus.

Many media outlets are quoting “official” case numbers from China as if they are fact, when in reality these media are helping the regime cover up the true situation by not seeking independent verification.

The narratives coming out of China serve one overarching purpose: to protect the Party. Voices questioning and exposing these narratives have been labelled as spreading misinformation. Meanwhile, the regime has launched a global disinformation campaign to lay the blame for the pandemic elsewhere. It’s a chaotic situation that needs calm and rigorous analysis to decipher.

How did a CBC report—whose headline has been changed four times, as well as several other corrections made due to lack of fact-checking—make it past the news director and legal team to air on CBC’s flagship evening broadcast The National? It’s unfortunate that the network is guilty of the shoddy journalism it falsely accuses The Epoch Times of practicing.

The Epoch Times has a long track record of reporting important stories about China, such as having been one of the first to report in Mandarin on the SARS outbreak in 2003, and for exposing the crime of live organ harvesting of Chinese prisoners of conscience.

The Epoch Times began reporting on the viral outbreak in Wuhan in late December, before most media outlets. Dr. Shawn Whatley, past president of the Ontario Medical Association, said: “I first learned about damage by the new, aggressive Wuhan virus from The Epoch Times. Kudos to ET for doing what we pay the departments of health billions of dollars to do.”

Our investigators called funeral homes in Wuhan around the clock to collect figures on the COVID-19 deaths to get a better sense of the situation. The Epoch Times also obtained leaked documents that show Chinese authorities knew the virus could be transmitted between humans but kept silent for at least five days before informing the public.

Each generation faces unique challenges. Our brave forefathers said no to tyranny and oppression. How would they feel about the country’s publicly funded media acting like a propaganda arm of the CCP?

Despite our reporters in China being jailed and tortured in the early days, and despite being subjected to constant interference by Beijing over the years, The Epoch Times has managed to survive. All kinds of methods have been used to stop us from exposing the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and it’s especially sad to see our national broadcaster fall into the regime’s misinformation trap.

Hopefully more Canadians will come to realize the value of fearless, independent reporting on a totalitarian regime that, as it continues repressing its own citizens while growing its influence overseas, at heart cares not one whit about human rights or human life.

Adam Ainsworth is an opinion editor for The Epoch Times.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.