Cavs Rumors, News 2014: Zydrunas Ilgauskas to Come Back to Cleveland? Meanwhile, Kevin Love Makes Intro

Zydrunas Ilgauskas apparently wants to make a comeback in the NBA–despite not playing for about three years..

An ESPN reporter thinks that Ilgauskas, 39, would come back to Cleveland after spending most of his career there.

“.@TheRealTRizzo: Zydrunas Ilgauskas is attempting a comeback to the NBA. #Cavs Listen to The Really Big Show on,” wrote ESPN Cleveland this weekend.

Rizzo said that Ilgauskas, who had his jersey retired by Cleveland a few months ago, wanted to play 10 to 15 minutes per game.

However, CBS Sports reported that it’s probably not going to happen.

Ilgauskas’ agent, Herb Rudoy, said that it’s just a rumor.

Another report from ESPN says that the Cavs might be looking to sign Emeka Okafor, a free agent who didn’t play at all last year due to back problems.

“The list of pursuers for the defensive-minded center, according to NBA front office sources, includes LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers as well as LeBron’s old friends in Miami,” ESPN’s Marc Stein writes. “But I’m likewise told that Okafor is unlikely to sign anywhere until midseason as he continues to recover from his herniated disk.”

On Tuesday, Kevin Love was formally announced by the team.

“LeBron signed to come back, and a few hours later he called me and I said ‘I’m in,'” Love said, according to ESPN. “That had a lot to do with my decision. It means a lot to be a part of this organization. … Everything in my entire life for the last six years had led me up to this opportunity.”

Love said he wants to be with the Cavs for the long-haul.

“[An extension] hasn’t been talked about,” Love said. “I’m committed to this team and committed long term to the end goal, which is to win a championship.”

“This is culmination of a year and a half of conversations to trade for [Love],” Cavs general manager David Griffin said. “This is a player that, quite frankly, fits us as well as any player could have. LeBron makes a great deal of these things possible by his presence alone. That piece had a great deal to do with Kevin’s comfort with joining us. Hopefully we’ll [have] him for a very long time.”