‘Cause It’s Cold Outside’: 6 Chic Indoor Public Spaces for Winter Networking

December 4, 2014 Updated: December 4, 2014

As the colder weather sets in, our opportunities to network al fresco in the stylish public spaces around Manhattan become slim. After our extended summer this year, it’s a hard pill to swallow for some when it comes time to take our business indoors. But believe it or not, NYC increasingly features some pretty cool, convenient and innovative indoor public places for meeting and chatting.

Tired of the noise and crowds at your usual overpriced chain coffee shop? Explore each of these fitting and inspiring metro meeting spots one-by-one; You’ll be doing yourself and your client or colleague a huge service by making these discoveries. I’d also love to know where you “do coffee” during the winter months.

120-Park-Ave (Deborah Goldstein)


1. 120 Park Avenue, SW corner of Park Ave and 42nd Street

So convenient for the suburban commuter is this quiet and under-utilized space right across from Grand Central Terminal. Call it utilitarian…nothing fancy, but its central location and public bathroom make it an essential destination to have up your sleeve.

2. The Sony Building (Enter at 55th or 56th Streets between Madison & 5th)

With dramatic high ceilings, artwork, tons of seating, and stations within for coffee and snacks, this high-traffic public space is ideal for an informal get-together, as well as for many New Yorkers’ favorite pastime: people watching. Keep in mind that the acoustics are challenging if you want a quiet chat.

3. The Bryant Park Tower, SW corner at 6th Ave and 43rd Street

Cozy with a great ambiance, this Midtown gem, hidden in plain sight, is small and therefore often gets crowded. Once a space opens, grab it! The payoff is the illusion of sitting and networking outdoors.

Rockafeller (Deborah Goldstein)

4. Under Rockefeller Center

When I think RC, I think Christmas trees, ice skating, and fascinated tourists. But on the lower level, amongst tons of eatery options, are various areas of public seating. If you get lucky, you’ll score a spot in front of the window to watch the skaters while you network!

5. BlackRock Plaza, 52nd Street between Park and Madison Avenues

The Zen of networking begins here, at what is also known as Park Avenue Plaza. As you discuss business, take in the calming whoosh of an indoor waterfall, and an overall quiet, soothing atmosphere. But I caution you: avoid this spot during lunchtime hours, as it becomes quite popular and loses its relaxing effect.

590 Madison Avenue (Deborah Goldstein)

6. 590 Madison Avenue, between 56th & 57th Streets (Formerly the IBM Building)

The public lobby of this late 20th century skyscraper is loaded with natural light, and the plentiful seating is arranged amidst substantial indoor trees. Charming without being distracting, it’s yet another ideal meeting space within reasonable vicinity to Grand Central.

Originally published on Womens Advancement Compact