Caught on Video: ’Monster’ Alligator Battles Officers in Florida Garage

November 13, 2017 Updated: November 13, 2017

A tense confrontation between a hulking alligator cornered in a Florida garage and wildlife officials trying to subdue the 8-foot reptile was caught on video on Nov. 11, reports Fox News.

The incident took place at the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida, where the alligator was stumbled upon in a garage.

The footage shows Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials, holding prods and snare poles, maneuvering around the cornered gator in an attempt to coax it out of the garage.

Without warning the reptile suddenly lunges at the officials with its jaws open and hisses at them. It then thrashes around trying to get out of the snare officers managed to apply.

Officials used a prod to shut the alligator’s jaws but it wriggled free and lunged at them again. The tussle continued and in the end, officials managed to tie the gator’s jaws shut—restraining the reptile and removing it from the premises.

It is unknown how the alligator found its way into the garage in the first place.

In addition to responding to nuisance alligators to ensure public safety, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website states the organization runs a range of alligator management programs aiming to conserve alligator populations for their ecological, aesthetic, and economic values.