Cathy’s Tuesday Tip: Decorating With Flowers

From centerpieces to side tables. I believe flowers are like the icing on a cake. I use them to add bursts of color, create an interesting centerpiece as well as add texture to a space. Greenery is a key element in design and can go a long way to helping a space “come alive”.

In general, consider mixing up your floral arrangements. For example, it’s “ok” to have both tulips, succulents and orchids (some of my favorites) in the same space.

Use flowers to help spread color around a room, for example pull red or orange from a piece of artwork by adding a flower in this color.

Don’t be afraid to use flowers in some of the smaller areas of a home such as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, in many cases, the flowers will serve as a truly delightful focal point!

Epoch Times Photo

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