Catfish TV Show Season 4: Will MTV Show Be Renewed or Canceled?

Catfish on MTV is wrapping up season 3 on Wednesday, July 9 and many viewers are wondering whether there will be a season 4.

The series explores the truths and lies of online dating.

MTV has not yet renewed or canceled the series.

There’s a possibility for both paths as the ratings have dipped over this season, but not too much.

Season 1 had pretty strong ratings–every episode had above 2 million viewers except for The Reunion Show, which had 1.95 million.

Season 2 started dipping below 1.7 million for some episodes and even hit a new low of 0.95 million in one episode. Those ratings likely led to season 3 being just 10 episodes, not including a special unaired episode from 2013.

The ratings have been much more consistent this season, staying around 1.7 million. That’s strong enough for a renewal but not strong enough for an announcement yet by the network.

Then again, the network sometimes announces the renewal after the season ends. The season 2 announcement was made during season 1, but the season 3 announcement was made on October 25, 2013–eight days after season 2 had ended.

Fans should take heart in the fact that Catfish is still one of MTV’s more popular shows and it’s likely that it will end up getting renewed.

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