Catfish the TV Show: Facebook Photos, Facts About Solana and Elijah Prok in Season 3, Episode 7

Catfish on MTV has an all-new episode on June 18 that features two people named Solana and Elijah.

The description says: “A woman’s relationship stalls because of an online affair.”

According to clips that MTV published before the episode aired, the relationship between Solana and Elijah goes way back.

Solana, an 18-year-old that lives in Ocean View in Delaware, has been talking with Elijah in Minnesota over Facebook and through a texting application after they met on MySpace.

“My parents had just gone through a divorce,” Solana told the Catfish producers. “And then we fell in love.”

“As boyfriend and girlfriend we were a dream. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, he disappeared.”

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She didn’t hear from him for another two years, when he messaged her on Facebook. His excuse was that his mother had cut him off from forms of communication such as Facebook.

But she doesn’t know whether it’s the same person. They didn’t talk over anything other than texting or messaging avenues, except for over the phone six years ago.

Solana has another man in her life now, Danny, and she wants to meet Elijah in person before deciding which man to move forward with.

“Danny’s a great guy,” Solana says. “He really wants me to be happy.”



A sneak peek shows Solana and the hosts approaching the house.

“I can’t tell if I’m having a heart attack, or I’m dying right now,” Solana says.

A Facebook profile for an Elijah Prok–who lives in Savage, Minnesota, goes to Burnsville High School, and appears to be the same person as Solana’s Elijah–says that he’s in a relationship but doesn’t list whom with.

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Check out the episode at 10 p.m.


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