Cat Has Near Death Experience Inside Car Spring

April 20, 2019 Updated: April 20, 2019

Cats are known to be highly curious creatures. The need they feel to investigate and squeeze into small spaces can be troublesome to owners and cats alike. One small kitten learned the hard way that his cat curiosity could be a dangerous thing.

This small kitten was found in Russia, stuck inside a car suspension spring. The kitten had already managed to travel nearly 50 miles in the dangerous position. The men, who if judging by appearances, have a no-nonsense vibe, not the type of appearance that screams they will soon spend the next 15 minutes rescuing a tiny kitten from certain death.

But they did. They had to use an old-fashioned car jack to lift the car high enough for them to get to the kitten and that was the easy part. The next ten minutes are spent retrieving the suspension spring with the scared kitten inside and trying to figure out a way to free the trapped animal. The men work quickly to manually release the tension on the compression bolts to loosen them from around the small figure. Looking a little ragged, the small kitten is soon freed and finds itself safe in the arms of its rescuer.

This kitten may have just proved that cats do indeed have nine lives or maybe this kitten had guardian angels watching over it.

Video Credit: Jukin