Cat Caught Smuggling Cell Phone in Russian Prison

June 3, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Russian authorities say a cat was used to smuggle cell phones and chargers into a prison camp in the remote Komi region.

The cat was detained on Friday night after it climbed over the fence at the Number One labor camp, reported AFP.

“They have foiled various attempts to smuggle banned objects into Prison Colony Number One before, but in the case of the cat, the prison colony is at a loss: nothing like this has happened in the prison’s history,” Russia’s regional prison service said in a statement obtained by the news agency.

The cat had two cell phones, chargers, and batteries strapped on its back.

“Two packages were taped to the animal’s back. When the packages were unwrapped, guards found objects prohibited in the penitentiary facility–two cell phones with batteries and chargers,” the statement reads, according to state-run RIA Novosti.

It is unclear what will happen to the animal.

According to RIA, cats have been used to smuggle drugs by Russian inmates.

In southern Russia’s Rostov Region last year, agents busted up a scheme involving a cat to smuggle heroin into a prison facility. The cat’s collar was stuffed with the drugs.

And in Brazil, a cat was found trying to go inside a prison facility with a saw, a drills, and other tools taped onto its body.