Castle Season 7 Spoilers: Rebecca Wisocky to Guest Star in Episode About Murdered Pool Shark

Castle season 7, which will start later this year, will include Devious Maids star Rebecca Wisocky as a guest star.

Wisocky will be in episode 3, slated to air on and titled Clear and Present Danger.

The episode will feature Wisocky as Dr. Elena Sarkov, the lead scientist at a cutting-edge research lab, whom the team consults when a pool shark is murdered by a mysterious unseen force, reported TV Guide.

“Other details about her character are being tightly guarded, but it sounds to me like the show won’t waste a lot of time getting back to its case-of-the-week structure,” it added.

Castle season 7 will premiere on Monday, September 29.

Dancing With the Stars will precede the series this fall.

There were rumors late last year that season 7, which has been assumed for some time, would be the final season. But the show’s creator denied that in interviews with several entertainment websites.

“I never declared Season 7 as the final season,” Andrew Marlowe. “What I said is that there’s an organic ending in the show and the characters will tell me when that is. I listen to the characters, and there’s going to be a point where we’ve had the best storytelling that these characters can give us.”

He said that he sees the story can take as long as 10 to 12 years “if everybody wants to.”

Castle is one of the rare shows that has actually drawn in (mostly) more viewers with every season. Season 6 dipped a little toward the end, going down to 8.38 million at its lowest, but the last several episodes have climbed back over or near 10 million.

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