‘Casey Anthony Pregnant’: Rumors Appear on Twitter Following Zimmerman Verdict

July 14, 2013 Updated: July 14, 2013

Rumors about  Casey Anthony being pregnant peaked over the weekend following the not guilty verdict handed down in the George Zimmerman trial–another high-profile Florida case. 

Twitter users are spreading messages saying Anthony was going to have another child–or possibly twins. The rumor was first reported on in March 2013, as The Inquistr website reported.

“Cory Monteith has died. Kyle Massey has cancer. Casey Anthony is pregnant. Zimmerman is free. I’m done,” one of the popular tweets said.

Montieth, the “Glee” actor, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday, police confirmed. His cause of death has not been determined but police suspect no foul play.

Massey, the “That’s So Raven” star, does not have cancer, his representative told another website GossipCop.com. The rep stressed it was a rumor.

“So , Casey Anthony is pregnant ? She better not even DARE have that baby & if she does someone PLEASE save it …” another tweet on Sunday reads.

Citing unnamed sources, The Daily Mail in March reported that Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her infant child Caylee, might be pregnant. “She just said that she fell in love with a very wealthy man while she’s been in hiding. Casey said he’s taking care of her financially and he’s so obsessed with her that he’ll do anything for her,” an unnamed source was quoted as saying by the publication.

Anthony allegedly told friends she is pregnant and wants to “prove” she can be a good mother, according to the Mail, which cited the National Enquirer. 

On Twitter, it appears that with the end of the Zimmerman trial, people were simply rehashing the reports in March that claimed she was pregnant. 

Neither Anthony or a spokesperson have commented on the pregnancy rumors or the reports in March.

However, rumors have easily spread via Twitter in the past, namely with celebrity deaths. For example, Eddie Murphy has “died” several times since 2010. And recently, there were rumors spread by a fake TMZ lookalike site that Chicago rapper Chief Keef was shot.

After Zimmerman was found not guilty, Twitter and other social media sites erupted. In one case, the term “#IfIEverSeeZimmerman” trended, with users tweeting what they would or would not do to the former Florida neighborhood watch leader.

Some Twitter users commented that the Anthony and Zimmerman cases had things in common because they both lived in Florida and their respective acquittals were not wholly desirable in the eyes of the public.

“Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, apparently it’s okay to kill children in Florida. Smh,” wrote user Most Funniest Man in a message retweeted thousands of times. 

On Sunday, Pennsylvania Congressman Chaka Fattah, a Democrat, compared the two cases. “I think it was the same kind of response when the Casey Anthony jury came back,” he told CNN.