Casey Anthony Now 2014: Rumored Sightings at Parties and Bars on Siesta Key, Florida

Casey Anthony’s case will long be remembered, and some are wondering what the former defendant is doing.

Casey was charged with murdering her young child Caylee but a jury found her not guilty except for providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

While Anthony declared bankruptcy in early 2013, she is now apparently partying hard in Florida.

Private investigator Bill Warner says that he’s heard of sightings of Anthony, at parties and bars on Siesta Key within walking distance of her rental house, as well as a grocery store in Sarasota.

Warner told Sarasota News that he’s looking into the reported sightings, though he has yet to find any concrete evidence.

If Anthony was partying on Siesta Key, it would be in stark contrast to the description that her attorney Cheney Mason gave CNN in July.

Cheney Mason said that Anthony now lives in an undisclosed location in Florida but doesn’t leave her home much because of continued threats to her life.

“She has to live constantly on guard. She can’t go out in public,” Mason said.

“I think Casey has a lot of world left to have to deal with. She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything.”

He said that Casey makes money from being “a housekeeper, clerk, secretary and stuff like that.”

Cheney’s wife Shirley said that Casey stays fit by working out inside the home.

Describing her own relationship with Casey, Shirley said: 

“I’m a cross between a friend, a mother, but not a mother — only someone who is older who has had experience in the world she has not had. “My hope for her is it gets better for her and the world or the people who have been so hateful can let that go and they can move on.”


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