Casey Anthony: Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla May Have to Pay Witness

Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who helped Casey Anthony get out of jail, may have to pay money to a witness in the murder case.

Padilla paid the $500,000 bond for Anthony in 2008, freeing her from jail after she was charged with the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

But Padilla was later sued by Roy Crock, who found Caylee’s body.

The mediation of the lawsuit was scheduled in Orlando for July 18, but Padilla never showed up, telling Local 6 that he was too sick to make the trip, on doctor’s orders.

“Padilla signed an affidavit in Feb. 2014 promising he would be at the July 18 mediation. In that affidavit, Padilla indicated he ‘will not ask for a further continuance’ and agreed that if he did not show up for mediation a default judgement would be entered against him,” the broadcaster reported.

“Now, Kronk is formally asking a judge to issue that financial judgment against Padilla. The former meter reader’s lawsuit seeks ‘in excess of $15,000,’ but he does not indicate a specific dollar amount. Kronk claims Padilla made disparaging comments about him while appearing on TV shows like Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew. Padilla denies the accusations.”

Meanwhile, Anthony has allegedly been seen at parties and bars in Florida despite her lawyer Cheney Mason saying in July that “she can’t go out in public” because of continued threats to her life.



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