Cartoon HD App: Other Apps Attempting to Fill Void For Android, And iPhone App Goes Down

June 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Cartoon HD has been down for a while now, and there are no signs it will come back, prompting users to try to find alternatives.

Gapp Center has gone silent on the cause, prompting speculation about what happened to prompt the app to vanish.

“Is it coming back?” one user attempted asking Gapp Center via Twitter.

“Guys why? Are you making another or bringing this back!!!” wondered another.

The company only alerted people on June 5 with a simple tweet, “Sorry! Cartoon HD is closed.” It hasn’t tweeted anything else since.

Cartoon HD is a popular but illegal app that enables users to stream free television and movies.

Some people are trying to promote an app called FliXnity as “The New Cartoon HD,” among other apps.

Users should take caution while trying to find an alternative. According to Phones Review, Flixanity asks for credit card details and also tries to install new software to people’s computers. 

“And it seems as if there is no actual mobile application available to try and get around copyright laws as it promises access to a number of free TV shows and movies,” the blog says.

People possibly behind the app have been dropping links into Facebook groups, among other places. 

“Cartoon HD is back folks. It’s now called Flixanity,” said one. “I’m afraid no app is going to be done for apple users though.”

Others didn’t appreciate the apparent deceitfulness.

“Thats a total lie. cartoon hd wasnt renamed to flixanity, this is just a random site that allows streaming and has nothing to do with cartoon hd,” said one Facebook user.

However, Flixanity told Epoch Times that it is not being deceitful. 

“Not sure why you are saying we are deceitful just because some users click on ads not realizing it,” it said, adding that it does not ask for credit card info.

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