Cartoon HD App for Android, iPhone, iPad Download Disappears; Any Way to Get App Working Again?

The Cartoon HD app and website was shut down this week, prompting scores of users to take to social media networks to try to find out what was going on.

App developer Gapp Center confirmed via Twitter that Cartoon HD “is closed.”

The app was reportedly shut down after the developers created a clone, but that was apparently shut down as well.

Cartoon HD is a popular but illegal app that enables users to streat free television and movies.

The app cropped up over Christmas 2014 and was taken down for a spell before being put back up.

Now it appears that too many people may have downloaded the app, perhaps becoming too popular to ignore.

“This has happened before and it came back up, but still… Everyone stop giving it to all your friends, some guy called Randy handed it out to everyone and now it’s getting noticed,” said one user on Reddit.

Other users said that they moved the date back inside of their devices and that the app now works.

“If you’re on an iPad then go to date settings, disable automatic setting and put it back a year. Double tap the home button and then close Cartoon HD fully, (slide it up). Start Cartoon HD again and it should work for now. Looks ominous though, also this doesn’t seem to work on a Samsung Galaxy Pad,” according to one user.

However, other users said that it isn’t working, particularly on Android.

As noted by the South Wales Evening Post, “Besides the latest blockbuster hits, Cartoon HD offered links to episodes of popular television shows including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Although the app itself and content was free to watch, the bulk of programme and movie copyright holders did not authorise their work to be watched via Cartoon HD.”

“Although file-sharing in the UK is not illegal, copyright infringement is a serious matter. From next year, internet providers will be sending advisory letters to those that download copyrighted films without paying for them, and the IP addresses of those who download will be monitored,” it added.

Users expressed their dismay via Twitter and other social networks.

“The Cartoon HD app isn’t working or in other words my life just got a whole lot worse,” said one.

“First they take away trouble now cartoon hd I don’t understand this,” said another.

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