Carlina White: Kidnapper of Carlina White ‘Deserves justice,’ Family Says

January 21, 2011 Updated: January 21, 2011

Carlina White’s mother was overjoyed to have her daughter back after she was kidnapped 23 years ago as an infant but wants her abductor charged and prosecuted.

“She destroyed my family,” Lisa White-Heatley, the sister of Carlina’s mother, Joy White, told MSNBC’s Ann Curry. “My justice: I want her to go to jail. I want them to give her time that they [are] supposed to give her for what she did, and what she did to my family.”

Carlina White was kidnapped when she was just a few days old from a New York City hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. This week, she tracked down her parents for the first time.

The suspect in the abduction was not named by police, the New York Post reports. The woman who raised White for 23 years is named Anne Pettway, who reportedly has a number of fake aliases and a criminal history.

White, who was raised as Nejdra Nance in Connecticut, said that Pettway lied about her birth for 16 years but never said why.

"I always felt like [Pettway] took me from my parents,” White told the Post, saying “she gave me too many different stories."

Pettway is on parole in North Carolina on drug charges and police said they have not named her as a suspect yet. According to the newspaper, White’s upbringing was not pleasant as she said Pettway threw stuff at her and hit her.

"I just hope that the officials be able to get her in their hands, so we can just hear her side of the story now," White told the Post.

When she was a mere infant, her biological parents took White to a Harlem hospital for a fever and during that time, she was abducted.

"That was a big part of my heart that just was ripped apart," Carlina White's father, Carl Tyson, told the Post.

White said that she started looking through articles about missing children in 1987 on the Internet and found a baby photo of a missing child.

“Even though I didn’t (have a) baby picture when I was young, it looked like my daughter. I swear I stayed on that article for like a good two hours,” Carlina told the Post.