Car Thief Broadcasts High-Speed Chase Online; News Networks Broadcast His Capture

By Chris Jasurek
Chris Jasurek
Chris Jasurek
November 10, 2017 Updated: November 13, 2017

Several police departments from the area around Oklahoma City joined a three-hour high-speed chase that ended with the suspect crashing into a pond and getting tased.

The suspect, Brenton Hager, broadcast some of the chase via Facebook. He can be heard calling out to a car he was passing, “Hey, you wanna see me on a high-speed chase? I’m in a high-speed chase, bro!”

In the video, Hager says he just got out of prison and hasn’t had any fun yet.

The video was only available to Hager’s Facebook friends, but it was posted on YouTube not long after Hager was arrested. provided this version:

Hager’s friend wrote comments on his Facebook page as the pursuit. managed to recover some of them.

One wrote, “Brenton Hager what the hell are you doing babe? OMG! I’m praying for you…be careful.”

Another said, “Brenton what are you doing?! You’re going to get yourself shot!”

One friend advised him wisely, “Just stop and give up dude”

Not everyone who watched the video was a friend.

The affair started when the man was noticed driving in a stolen vehicle through Oklahoma City, as reported by KOCO.

The owner, Stephanie Jones, of Bridge Creek, told News 9 that the truck was stolen from her driveway when she left the vehicle running to warm it up on the morning of Nov. 3.

Then, Jones’s husband was in Oklahoma City for a dentist appointment on Friday, Nov. 10, when he spotted the pickup near Agnew and Pennsylvania. He immediately called 911.

Police pursued the stolen heavy-duty crew-cab pick-up from SW 29 and Pennsylvania Avenue along I-240 from Oklahoma City into the neighboring town of Moore. The truck originally had a trailer attached but Hager’s erratic driving shook it loose.

An officer with a rifle approaches the stolen truck while it is stuck in field in Moore, Okla. (screenshot:
An officer with a rifle approaches the stolen truck while it is stuck in field in Moore, Okla. (screenshot:

According to KOCO, Hager caused at least three accidents as he sped down the highway.

Hager stopped near Southwest 164th and Cold Fire Road, where he can be seen on Sky 5 video removing a box from the bed of the truck. He had announced on the Facebook that he wanted to toss the tools from the back of the truck.

While the pickup was parked, another vehicle approached, and that driver tried to shoot out the truck’s tires. News9 stated, “A citizen tried to confront the suspect while the suspect was unloading the pickup and the citizen shot one of the pickup’s tires, flattening it,” reported the television station.

Eventually, Hager turned down a dead-end road and crashed across several fields, with police vehicles in hot pursuit.

The chase ended when the Hager either got stuck, or broke the truck after driving at high speed across several open fields, bouncing over uneven terrain and crashing through fences and heavy brush. The vehicle came to a halt with its left rear tire flapping.

An officer aiming a rifle approached cautiously when it became clear the truck couldn’t move forward.

When the officer was within arm’s reach of the stuck truck, Hager jammed it into reverse and backed out, wheel shaking and tire flailing, driving backwards in a long arc which ended up with the truck heading right into a pond.

This time the truck was truly stuck, Again police officers approached cautiously.

The suspect, a lanky man clad in jeans, a black T-shirt, and a black-and-white ball cap, exited the cab and waded to shore, then tried to flee on foot. This time, the police still hadn’t identified the suspect.

Hager scrambled through dense underbrush and over fallen trees, but couldn’t escape the pursuing police officers. One tased him, and the rest cuffed him.


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