Capshare – Begin your Personal Golden Age of Video

By James Richings
James Richings
James Richings
James Richings is a 26 year old writer and blogger from the United Kingdom. He loves to write about his passions and hopes his interests, interest you also!
October 21, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

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Text is obsolete. Photos? They are obsolete as well.
If the modern communication trends are examined, there is only one form of data transmission that is exploding in popularity when it comes to its use – video. Currently, it is the ultimate medium for communication that is bound to be noticed. From a purely psychological point of view, the rise of the video is completely understandable. First of all, the videos provide content and context, all at the same time. Inside of a video, a person watching can see and hear the things that were recorded, but also catch a glimpse of the overall atmosphere of any place or location, which allows for a feeling of full immersion. Additionally, the video has the ability to provide the emotional impact that is stronger than any other alternative.

Simply put, the video is the future and video is here to stay, not only as a means of recording incredible events but more importantly, as a system of presenting an individual point of view. Here, video blogging or vblogging is a form of expression that is only beginning to show its true potential. A company that realizes this potential is Capshare, along with their mobile device app which allows video blogging to be elevated to a whole new level. Many companies promise similar groundbreaking things, but Capshare is definitely a product that cuts right to the essence of the emerging world of video communication. Read on and find out why this app will change the game for video bloggers and all who desire to make video content.

Golden Age of Video

Recently, on a streaming Q&A, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg declare that the world is entering into a “golden age of video”, which would last for the next five years at least. But, even without his wisdom, it is clear that the world is hungry for a constant stream of video content. People like Casey Neistat, one of the most popular vblogger today, creates videos on a daily basis, and they attain hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of hours. Others are equally successful and this kind of popularity results in money, fame, influence and many other benefits. These benefits can launch an ordinary person with a smartphone and a bit of talent to a status of a global superstar. The Capshare app can make anyone’s entrance into the world of video blogging a seamless experience.

All in One Solution

Forget about complicated editing software packages that cost hundreds of dollars. Stop wasting time transferring video files from a mobile device to a desktop or a laptop. Capshare is a one-stop shop for all blogging needs. The app starts off by providing a full editing and montage section which can transform raw footage into an engaging video. Using a cloud infrastructure, the app is self-contained and will not eat up the local memory storage of a device. Instead, by moving all the data in a cloud, it allows video bloggers to remain on the go and utilize their talents to make videos wherever they are or whatever they might be doing, without having to worry about additional equipment like laptops, external hard drives and so on. Then, using the same app, the videos can be shared privately, with a select group of users or with the entire planet. As a powerhouse of blogging, the app simply shuts down complete sections of the current video blogging process, allowing a blogger to attain all he or she needs on a single mobile device. With the app’s collaborative tools, bloggers can create videos which cover events from different perspectives which all add up to a unified narrative while they also stay true to their own artistic vision. This multiple perspective approach is definitely one of the hallmarks of the new video age, and Capshare use it to the maximum.

Stop worrying about losing footage. Forget about long nights of editing where the desktop software package keeps crashing. Forget about sharing a video on a single service and then seeing it be buried under irrelevant content. With Capshare, the full might of vblogging can be at your fingertips. Get the app and transform the content of your pocket into a fully-equipped video blogging station and start off your personal golden age of video.

James Richings is a 26 year old writer and blogger from the United Kingdom. He loves to write about his passions and hopes his interests, interest you also!