Candy Crush Saga Finally Arrives in the Windows Phone Store

Microsoft has landed another key app in its Windows Phone Store today with the addition of Candy Crush Saga
By Brad Sams
Brad Sams
Brad Sams
December 12, 2014 Updated: December 12, 2014

Microsoft has landed another key app in its Windows Phone Store today with the addition of Candy Crush Saga. The game, which has grown in popularity over the last two years or so, has a huge following and millions of players.

This addition to the Windows Phone Store is another win for Microsoft as it tries to build consumer confidence that its app store has many quality offerings like its counterparts, Google Play and Apple’s App Store. But, this game has arrived more than two years after its release on other platforms; it started out on Facebook and moved to mobile platforms from November 2012.

While this addition to the Windows Phone store will appease those who are using the platform, we will be curious to see how well the company supports its app after release. We have seen other big names enter the Windows Phone store, like Instagram, only to leave the app stagnating with little development.

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Brad Sams