Candidate Claims ‘Irregularities’ in Egypt Election

May 27, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Epoch Times Photo
Egyptian presidential candidate Hamdin Sabahi at a campaign rally late on May 18. Sabahi heads the Karama party, an offshoot of the Nasserist party. (Khaled Desouki/AFP/GettyImages)

An Egyptian presidential candidate who has been knocked out of the first round of voting will file a complaint over alleged irregularities in the recent polls.

Leftist candidate Hamdin Sabbahi came in third, in a narrow miss to qualify for a runoff round of voting scheduled for June.

His campaign said it would file a complaint on Sunday over an alleged ‘block vote’ by the country’s interior ministry for former Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmad Shafik. Shafik has been considered the favorite candidate of Egypt’s military, which is known to be suspicious of the Islamist parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The evidence we have, and that we are still accumulating, shows a big number of violations in many polling centers that would affect the final results,” said Sabbahi’s spokesman, Hossam Mounis, according to the Associated Press.

The official results of the first round of voting, which took place last Wednesday and Thursday, have not yet been announced.

However Egyptian media have reported tallies from polling stations across the country, which put Shafik and the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi as the two front runners who will enter the election run-offs next month.

Morsi was reported by the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram to have 26.4 percent of the vote, marginally more than Shafik, who has 24.7 percent. A runoff vote was triggered since no candidate won an outright majority.

Both candidates say that they will seek to continue the aims of those who took part in the revolution
last year, making a firm break with the past.

However, Ahmed Khairy, spokesman for the secular liberal Free Egyptians Party was quoted by al-Ahram as saying that the Morsi-Shafik run-off was “the worst possible scenario.”

Khairy alleged that Morsi was an “Islamic fascist”, while Shafik was a “military fascist.”