Candace Cameron Bure Gives Sadie Robertson Advice After ‘DWTS’ Mistake

November 19, 2014 Updated: November 19, 2014

Sadie Robertson says that she received some very helpful advice from former Dancing With the Stars contestant Candace Cameron Bure. 

Candace, 38, was teamed up with Mark Ballas last season and finished in third place.

Sadie reached out to Candace after she had a “blackout” on the episode before the last one, where she forgot some of the dance.

Sadie was distraught afterward, shedding a few tears and revealing to host Tom Bergeron that she had “messed up” on the last part because she forgot what she was supposed to do. However, the judges didn’t notice and she and Mark got really high scores.

“She actually had a lot of blackouts last season, like she would forget some of the dance. I had a little blackout Monday night and that never happens to me, and so I was texting her and just saying ‘hey, do you have any advice about the whole black out situation, because I was so nervous,'” Sadie explained to E! Online.

“She was so sweet about it and so helpful.”

Neither Sadie nor Candace revealed exactly what Candace said, but Candace did say via Twitter that “Giving @sadierob advice is warmth to my soul.”

“I’m so proud of you sweet girl,” she said.

Sadie, 17, said that both Candace and her daughter Natasha, 15, have become good friends.

“Her daughter Natasha is my age, so we’ve been hanging out a lot,” she said. “She’s become one of my really good friends.”

Meanwhile, Mark revealed in a blog post on Hollywood Life that Sadie was so nervous that she vomited backstage. 

“The Quickstep went according to plan, and it felt really nice. Sadie felt really light on her feet. The Quickstep is a hard dance because it requires a lot of stamina,” he said.

“Here’s a little inside scoop for you — Sadie sometimes has an acid reflux reaction and she started puking backstage after the dance! I grabbed a bucket to help her out! How about that!?

“I was a little worried because Sadie wasn’t feeling too hot. But she changed into her next dress — the wardrobe team did such a fantastic job on both of her looks this week! — and was ready for the Argentine Tango! It’s a really tough dance because the character is very passionate, sensual, and sultry, which is not really Sadie’s personality. That aside, I thought she did an incredible job in delivering an awesome performance.”

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