Canadians Warned of Scams with RCMP and Do Not Call List Impersonators

May 21, 2015 Updated: May 20, 2015

Canadians are being warned about two telephone scams that involve impersonation of the RCMP and the National Do Not Call List.

The RCMP says several Ontarians have been called by someone who says they are from the Mounties’ integrated technical crime unit.

They say the scam starts with the caller saying the RCMP has found the resident was sending malicious content through their computer, or that their computer was accessed by international criminals.

The caller then asks for money to either fix the problem or for protection from future incidents.

The CRTC, meantime, says there have been calls from someone alleging to be with the National Do Not Call List saying the residents must re-register by handing over their personal information to the caller.

Both the RCMP and the CRTC are warning Canadians not to fall for the scams or to provide financial or personal information to strangers over the phone.