‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Devastation DLC Release Date and Details (+Video)

March 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Call Of Duty: Ghosts” Devastation DLC, the second DLC for the game, has a release date of April 3 for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The DLC may be released on May 3 for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Devastation includes four new multiplayer maps, an extinction mode map, and a new gun.

The multiplayer maps are:

-Ruins: A Mayan temple complex in Central America

-Behemoth: A long-medium map high off the ground

-Collision: A container ship that has crashed into a bridge

-Unearthed: A meteor excavation site

The extinction map is set at a Chinese ship where Dr. Samantha Cross is held captive by David Archer. Players will face two new species of Cryptids on the ship. 

The new weapon, the Ripper, a hybrid assault rifle and SMG. 


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