California: Tornado Hits Town of Denair, Causes Damage – Photos, Video

November 15, 2015 Updated: November 15, 2015

The Central California town of Denair was reportedly hit by a tornado on Sunday.

Officials told the Modesto Bee that there was no injuries. However, there was damage done to trees and to at least one structure.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff Department confirmed on Twitter there was a tornado.

Officials said the reported tornado, or funnel cloud, went  down Zeering Road, and it headed east away from town, reported FOX-40. 

The National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed if it was actually a tornado. People on Twitter reported seeing a funnel cloud.


Tornadoes in California, while rare, do happen.

Earlier this year, a tornado touched down in rural Riverside County, located in Southern California. The tornado didn’t cause any damage.

Most of the tornadoes in California take place in the Central Valley due to its low, flat land.