California State Universities to Raise Fees in Coming Year

May 5, 2009 Updated: May 5, 2009

SAN JOSE—California State Universities (CSUs) are considering raising their fees for enrollment for undergrads by 10 percent starting this fall. If passed, this will add an additional $306 per year to each student's enrollment fee. There are 23 CSU campuses, all of which would be affected by the proposed fee hike.

Chancellor for the California State University, Charles Reed, cited California’s recent economic “meltdown,” saying CSUs need funding for the half a million students who attend CSUs across the state. The CSU Board of Trustees will vote on May 13.

Despite a proposed increase in fees, CSU fees still are the lowest in the United States, aside from room and board. The Evergreen State College in Washington has tuition of $5,133 while Kansas State University costs $5,557 per year. If this measure is passed, this would be the third year in a row that CSU has raised tuition.

In a teleconference call, Reed also said that CSUs will only be able to cut 3,000 to 4,000 students for the upcoming school year, less than its goal of enrolling 10,000 less students.

According to the California State University website, the proposed fee hike would raise the cost to attend CSUs to an average of $3,354 for undergraduates, $3,894 for teacher credential students, and $4,134 for grad students, not including room and board.

Increased fees would bring a projected $127 million in extra revenue per year.   One-third of this revenue would go towards financial aid.

Also citing the current economic crisis, regents from the prestigious University of California are to seek a 9.3 percent increase in fees for the coming year, adding $672 to the cost, raising undergrad tuition to $8,720. They plan to vote on the fees on May 7.