California School Investigating Teacher for Allegedly Mocking Conservatives in Class Quiz

By Naveen Athrappully
Naveen Athrappully
Naveen Athrappully
November 8, 2021 Updated: November 9, 2021

A California high school teacher appeared to mock conservatives in a test given to students last week, sparking criticism from parents and a school investigation.

The multiple-choice question posed to Whitney High School students in a social science class reads, “A group of complete idiots.” The possible answers given were “A) KKK; B) all of Florida; C) Fox News; D) Texans.”

The school is in Rocklin, a city about 20 miles from Sacramento. Jessa Krissovich, a parent, shared a screenshot of the questions with Fox 40 Sacramento, telling the station that “it sounded unbelievable.”

“We all have different beliefs,” Krissovich told Fox 40. “This is the United States, and we all come from different backgrounds, and everybody should be OK with who they are.”

Joel Alquicira, a Whitney High School student, who had the social science teacher during a previous year, told KCRA-TV that such questions shouldn’t be included on tests.

“He was always like a funny kind of teacher,” Alquicira said. “That kind of stuff shouldn’t be on a test.”

In response to the incident, Whitney High School Principal Justin Cutts sent out a conciliatory statement to staff, students, and families.

“The Whitney High School Administration Team and the Rocklin Unified School District recognizes and shares their concerns and is conducting a thorough investigation,” the statement reads. “Whitney High and Rocklin Unified is committed to providing each student, family, and staff with a safe and welcoming environment.”

Cutts promised to take appropriate disciplinary steps, but said that personnel information would be kept private.

While Whitney High School deals with the incident, there’s increasing concern among parents about the use of critical race theory (CRT) in several school districts.

A recent social media video made by a science coach and administrator at Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana’s largest school district at about 23,000 students, went viral as he admitted to teaching CRT when the district had stated otherwise.

“Parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn’t taught in our schools, we’re lying. Keep looking,” Tony Kinnett said in a video posted on Twitter.

Parents with children enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia were required to sign a document similar to a non-disclosure agreement in order to view the district’s CRT-inspired curriculum. Many parents are against the teaching of CRT to children, as the ideology, under the banner of racial equity, teaches that U.S. institutions and systems are racist and dominated by white supremacy.