California ‘Horror House’ Children Are Watching Harry Potter, Using iPads for First Time

February 23, 2018 Updated: February 23, 2018

The lawyers for the 13 siblings rescued from imprisonment said they’re getting used to the modern world while recovering at foster homes and a medical center.

The Turpin brood was rescued in January from Perris, east of Los Angeles¬†after the eldest girl escaped and called the police from an old cellphone she’d squirreled away.

Responding officers were shocked when they learned the ages of the children because they were all severely malnourished.

Officers entering the home found that David and Louise Turpin had kept their children locked inside, forcing them to stay up all night and sleep during the day.

Officers found some of the children chained to beds and other large objects with padlocks.

The lawyers for the children gave the first update on them in weeks, saying the younger six are split between two foster homes while the ones who are legally adults have been recovering in a medical center.

The children are coping with their newfound freedom, making decisions on their own for the first time.

“That’s a big deal, deciding what they’re going to read, deciding what they’re going to wear, these are all things that are decisions they make every day that are new and empowering,” attorney Jack Osborn told CBS.

Osborn and Caleb Mason, who are representing the older siblings, said that the staff at the Corona Medical Center converted part of the center to make it more comfortable, including an outdoor area where they can exercise.

The siblings are slowly adjusting to the modern world, including watching Harry Potter movies to learning how to navigate iPads.

The older group communicates with their younger siblings through Skype. Their short-term goals are to see the beach, mountains, and a movie theater while over the long-term, they want to attend college and pursue careers.

Mark Uffer, the CEO of Corona Regional Medical Center, told CNN that the group there has been learning to play the guitar and sing some popular songs as a form of musical therapy, reported CNN.

He said the first time he brought out his acoustic guitar to entertain them, it brought smiles to their faces.

“They all have good voices, beautiful voices,” Uffer said. “And the tears started running down the nurses’ faces.”

A number of people have offered to adopt all 13 children but it’s not clear when the authorities who are currently in charge of them will decide who will adopt them.

The prospective parents include an uncle and one of the Duggars.

The Turpin parents were scheduled for a court appearance on Feb. 23.


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